Poetry and Story Collections


Poetry and Story Collections

Between 1999 and 2002 Random House NZ commissioned me to illustrate four anthologies: 100 New Zealand Poems for Children; Another 100 New Zealand Poems for Children; 30 New Zealand Stories for Children and Another 30 New Zealand Stories for Children. The collections gave me a wonderful opportunity to work with material from many Kiwi writers I admired. They also, in some cases, gave me enough rope to ‘hang myself’ (metaphorically speaking of course)! In 100 New Zealand Poems for Children I decided to give each poem an illustrated block in which to place it’s number – which worked fine for about the first dozen. Then I had to wrack my brains to come up with ideas for the remaining 78 poems!

100 Poems number blocks.

100 Poems number blocks.

To the Show -E.Muriel Attewell

To the Show
-E.Muriel Attewell

Skin Bev Kemp

Bev Kemp

Tuatara Lauris Edmond

Lauris Edmond

Sebastion  Janet Leitch

Janet Leitch